Consuela Crossbody Bags


      Dive into Vickie’s Gifts’ collection of Consuela crossbody bags, a fashion statement that celebrates the joy of life’s journey. Founded on the creative genius of Conni Reed in Austin, Texas, Consuela stands as a beacon of fashion and lifestyle, urging everyone to find joy in the unexpected and beauty in the unmatched.

      48 products

      48 products

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      Uptown Crossbody - Shine
      $ 185.00
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      Midtown Crossbody - LuLu
      $ 225.00
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      Uptown Crossbody - CoCo
      $ 165.00
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      Uptown Crossbody - Evie
      $ 195.00
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      Uptown Crossbody - Rox
      $ 175.00

      Versatile, Beautiful, and Resilient

      At Vickie’s Gifts, our Consuela crossbody bag collection offers a wide array of sizes, hues, and patterns, ensuring there’s a perfect match for every personality and style. Just like the individuals who carry them, Consuela bags are designed to be tough, versatile, and resilient. Whether you’re navigating the daily hustle or embarking on an adventure, these convenient boutique crossbody bags are built to accompany you, ensuring durability without compromising on style. The practicality of crossbody design meets the unmatched aesthetic of Consuela, making each bag a perfect companion for any journey.

      Craftsmanship That Tells a Story

      Every Consuela bag is a piece of art made with love in Mexico, embodying the spirit of its vibrant culture and the hands that craft them. Consuela’s partnership with Mexican-owned factories and artists celebrates the shared values of resilience, beauty, and community. These boutique crossbody bags are not just accessories; they are carriers of stories, love, and a testament to the dedication of artists and their communities.

      Embark on Your Consuela Journey at Vickie’s Gifts

      Let the vivid world of Consuela inspire you at Vickie’s Gifts. Whether you’re drawn to the allure of vibrant patterns or the charm of unmatched designs, our Consuela crossbody bags collection promises an accessory that not only elevates your style but also celebrates the joy of living colorfully. Shop online or visit our Roscoe, Texas, storefront for a personal touch. With our commitment to free shipping on orders over $100, discovering your unique Consuela piece is an invitation to joyfully embrace the journey of life with style and resilience.