Funky Clocks

      Time takes on a playful twist with our funky clocks collection at Vickie’s Gifts. Express your personality, hobbies, and passions with a clock that's not just about the hours and minutes but about style, story, and sentiment. From homes and gardens to offices and classrooms, every space deserves a unique wall clock that brings a smile to your face every time you glance its way.

      31 products

      31 products

      Tick-Tock with a Touch of Whimsy

      Timekeeping has never been this fun! Our range of unique wall clocks is all about showcasing individuality and creativity. Whether you're a pet lover drawn to cats, dogs, or frogs, an enthusiast of the great outdoors with a soft spot for fish and turtles, or someone who finds delight in the quirks of everyday items like tea cups, mixers, and even golf carts – we've got a clock that celebrates you. Redefine the way you look at time by adding a dash of whimsy to your walls.

      The Gift of Quirky Time

      On the hunt for a gift that stands out? Our funky clocks at Vickie’s Gifts make for memorable and playful presents, ideal for loved ones, colleagues, and especially those amazing teachers who've made a difference. Gift a unique wall clock that resonates with their personality or interests, and watch their eyes light up with surprise and joy. With so many designs to pick from, finding that perfect one becomes a delightful adventure in itself.

      Journey into Vickie’s Gifts Unique Offerings

      Step into Vickie's Gifts—where time dances to a different beat, and every product tells a tale. Dive deeper into our collection of eye-catching clocks, and while you're here, explore our myriad of other treasures waiting to find a special place in your heart and home. Browse our home decor, bath and beauty, clothing, and accessories on our website, or pop into our store in Roscoe, Texas, for an exciting shopping experience. As always, orders over $100 get free shipping, and our VIP group brings you the best deals and offers.