Baby Stella


      Embark on a journey of imagination, care, and love with the award-winning Baby Stella collection at Vickie’s Gifts. Designed to be the perfect first companion for your little one, Baby Stella dolls and accessories are more than toys—they are a gateway to a world of creative nurturing and learning.

      21 products

      21 products

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      Wee Baby Stella Ballerina Set
      $ 36.00
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      Baby Stella High Chair
      $ 44.00
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      Baby Stella Birthday Party Set
      $ 22.99

      A Doll for Every Little Caregiver

      With life-like features such as belly buttons, toes, and plump tummies, each doll invites your child into a world of imaginative play while teaching valuable lessons in responsibility, nurturing, and fine motor skills. From backpack carriers that allow your child to take their Baby Stella doll wherever they go to high chairs, strollers, and cribs designed for the most realistic playtime experience, our collection ensures that your child’s nurturing instincts take center stage.

      Sparking Imagination with Every Accessory

      At Vickie’s Gifts, we understand the power of play in a child’s development. That’s why we offer an extensive selection of Baby Stella accessories to complement your child’s creative role-play. Whether it’s dressing Baby Stella for a day out, feeding her with a specially designed feeding set, or tucking her into bed in her cozy crib, each accessory is crafted to spark imagination and teach the essentials of caring and responsibility in the most delightful way.

      Find the Perfect Gift for Little Ones at Vickie’s Gifts

      Looking for the ideal gift that combines fun, education, and thoughtful design? The Baby Stella collection offers everything you need to bring a smile to a child’s face. These soft dolls and their accessories are a source of endless fun and a tool for learning and growth.

      Invite the warmth, care, and creativity of the Baby Stella collection into your home with a visit to Vickie’s Gifts, either in-store or online. Discover the full range of Baby Stella dolls today, and watch as your little one embarks on a journey of love, responsibility, and imaginative play.