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      747 products

      747 products

      Unique Women’s Clothes

      We work hard to curate collections of trendy clothing that you’ll love. Shop the latest in women’s fashion when you browse our collections of tops, bottoms, dresses, and loungewear. We carry some truly special brands – from Queen of Sparkles to Liverpool. There’s something for everyone in our selection of women's boutique clothing online!

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      Comfortable & Cute

      Out of all the southern women's clothing we carry, we prioritize the comfort it brings. You can wear our clothing anywhere – on vacation, while doing errands around town, or on your next date night! We want our customers to feel comfortable and confident in our clothing. Our apparel is also as diverse as the women who shop here. We carry women's boutique clothing that’s bold, made in bright colors, or clothing that’s neutral and easy to match. However you want to dress, Vickie’s Gifts is the perfect place to explore stylish ladies' clothing!

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      Vickie’s Gifts has been providing our customers with fashionable women’s apparel, home decor, and gifts for over 20 years. Located in Roscoe, Texas, we’re passionate about finding the latest trends to feature in our unique selection of products!

      We consider our customers part of our family, so feel free to learn more about us, contact us, or connect with us on social media today!