It’s Not Always Hearts Flowers and Frappuccinos

......or is it? 

Have you ever seen “Pretty Woman”?.... I’m thinking that is a pretty dumb question, however, there is an entire generation of people out there that have only heard of Kevin Costner because of Yellowstone! if you exist out there, young one, RUN don’t walk to your Netflix account and watch Pretty Woman NOW....and then you can thank me later., do you remember the part where she says, “the bad stuff is easier to believe”? How TRUE is that statement!? I mean WOW. How often do we dwell on the bad stuff? Well, today I came across this post by Amy Weatherly and she said it so well......if you have time, please read:

I know life throws us curve balls....or at least it does me on a daily basis it seems. But I’ve always been taught that happiness is a choice....and I am reminded today to listen to the right voices, and to ALWAYS ALWAYS remember WHOSE you are a child of the Most High King and He made you intentionally with a purpose and you are LOVED!

I am excited to read our newest book at the shop “chasing the bright side”! I think this is going to be a great book that speaks to this subject! ....and as far as the hearts, flowers and Frappuccinos.....we can take care of that 😉

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