Turdcules Toilette Elixirs

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 Turdcules was created out of necessity. Of course, the act of nature that spawned the need for fresh bathroom fragrances is nothing new. But, no matter how hard we hunted for them, we didn't have any luck finding products that didn't smell like flowers or have pictures of naked angel babies on them. So we launched Turdcules - Toilet Elixirs that have enough poo-prietary potency to cover up the foulest of smells, with scents that men will actually use. Each spray of your Turdcules Toilet Elixir deploys a massive fleet of microscopic, turd-tacklin' battleships, barricading your belligerently, baneful brown bio-bombs beneath the surface of the porcelain sea. 

1. Shake well

2. Give few sprays in the bowl

3. Fire in the hole 💩 


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