The Cinch It Bundle

The Cinch It Bundle

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The Cinch it! 3 Clothes Clip Pack includes 2 original and 1 BIG Cinch it! You don't need a new wardrobe, you can Cinch it! Look thinnerand feel more confident when your clothing fits better!

Quickly, easily, instantly & temporarily alter the fit, shape, look & style of any garment - without sewing - cinch clip shirts, dresses, blouses, t-shirts, scarves, kimonos and more with this clothing clip!

Losing weight? Don't buy a whole new wardrobe - you can use cinch it! to pull through extra fabric all the way to your ideal size!!

Want to save $$$? Shop in your own closet by creating your own unique style with Cinch it! It's fun to shorten a maxi-dress or add several cinch clips all over the front and back of your dress or top. 

Simple to use: place a Cinch it! on the inside (or outside) of the garment where you desire to enhance the fit or style, then pull the fabric through the center of Cinch it! - adjust to achieve a better fit and better style. Use in the front, back, side, top or bottom to create your own look!

NEW 3 Cinch It! Package - 1 BIG Clear 1 Black Sparkle & 1 Sparkle Clear 

Cinch It! original is approximately the size of a quarter (@1 inch diameter). Big Cinch it! is double the size (@2.5 inches diameter) to use on thick fabrics or to pull through more fabric.

Love YOUR style EVERYDAY with Cinch it! 

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