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  • You don't need a new wardrobe, you can Cinch it! Look thinner and feel more confident when your clothing fits better! BIG CINCH IT! is perfect for MORE fabric or thick fabric like a maxi-dress, scarves, t-shirts, sarongs, sweaters or shawls. We have even used the big cinch to gather fabric on table coverings, shower curtains, window treatments, etc.

    Quickly, easily & temporarily alter the fit, shape, look & style of any garment!

    Simple to use: place a Cinch it! on the inside (or outside) of the garment where you desire to alter, then pull the fabric through the center of Cinch it! - adjust to achieve a better fit and better style. 

    Big Cinch It! Single Pack - Clear Sparkle or PINK

    Bigger than the original Cinch It!  Big Cinch  is approximately the size of a Silver Dollar (2.5 inches diameter)

  • FASHION ENHANCEMENT FOR ANY GARMENT: DRESSES, SHIRTS, BLOUSES & MORE – Whether you’re looking for cinch clips for dresses, T-shirts, blouses, scarves, shawls, kimonos, tunics, rompers, any many more…our Cinch It clothing clip has you covered. This Cinch It 3 pack can effortlessly upgrade the fits and style of most women’s clothing in no time at all. Unlike other back of cinch clips for back of dress that leave you wanting, with the Cinch It set, you have the power to look and feel your best!

  • CINCH ON DOWN WHILE YOU SLIM ON DOWN TO YOUR PERFECT SIZE: Most women don’t want to buy new clothes until they reach their ideal size…the Cinch It clip for women’s clothes is the solution! Whether you're on a weight loss journey or simply want to conquer the day with confidence, Cinch It is your trusted companion to help taper, style, and slim the entirety of your old wardrobe, while you work towards your new wardrobe. Who says you can’t look fit, fab, and stylish in your current closet?
  • EXCEPTIONAL FASHION VERSATILITY WITHOUT PERMANENT ALTERATION – Cinch It can help enhance waist, hips, and bust in many garments, improve the look of dresses and skirts, upgrade your scarves & shawls, without the cost and stress of heading to the tailor. Now you can cinch shirts, cinch dresses, cinch skirts, cinch jackets, and more, but there isn’t any sewing or cutting. How great is that? Oh…and the cheaper options on the market…with the rubber bands…none of that either!
  • EASY-TO-USE, FASHIONISTA FRIENDLY – While other products might require multiple components, Cinch It is as easy as 1, 2, 3. Step 1: Place a Cinch It on the inside (or outside) of the desired garment. Step 2: pull the fabric through the center of the Cinch It (you’ll likely want to grab a generous amount of fabric). Step 3: Adjust as needed to achieve your best fit. Step 4: smile and wink at yourself in the mirror because you’re looking and feeling your best! Anything is possible with Cinch It!
  • LIGHTWEIGHT AND INVISIBLE FASHION HACK – Cinch It is a 1.5 inch diameter high-quality silicone ring, which, when worn correctly, is not seen under your attire. It lays flat against one’s skin, and you won’t even notice that it’s there, but your friends, family, and significant others will be noticing you! Cinch It is the incognito dress cincher clip that you will not be able to not tell your friends about. Both Cinch It sizes hide comfortably behind the users clothing.


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