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My Pet Fish® is more than a soap - it's a childhood memory come to life! Each 5 oz hypoallergenic glycerin bar is embedded with a small plastic fish - making bath time both fun and clean. No one else can replicate our handcrafted quality. Peel off the bag and soap away, then get ready to swim with your new prize!

Remember the days when you were young and you went to the carnival? Everyone always won a little goldfish and took them home in a bag of water. Well here is our original rendition of this magical childhood memory. Many have tried to duplicate our handcrafted quality product and none have succeeded! Each My Pet Fish® soap is a generous 5 ounces of crystal clear unscented hypoallergenic glycerin soap with a small plastic fish embedded into it so children get a prize for getting clean! Just peel off the bag and soap as usual. When your soap is all gone, you have a fish to swim with!

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