Love The Life You Have

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Are you tired of the endless hustle? Do you find yourself always wanting more? Learn how to appreciate what you already have instead of wishing for more by being present, investing in relationships, and allowing space for hobbies and rest with Love the Life You Have.

This beautiful hardcover is a treasure trove of inspirational readings, poems, and Scriptures to help you cultivate the daily practice of contentment and to create a life you love, with the life you’ve been given. Love the Life You Have includes inspiration for maintaining practices such as how to:

  • Live in the Moment
  • Quiet the Inner Critic
  • Identify Your Role Models
  • Approach Every Day as the Best Day
  • Celebrate!

Illustrated by French artist Nathalie Ouederni, Love the Life You Have is a great gift or self-purchase for anyone wanting mindfulness, wellness, and a way to practice self-care. Contentment does not cost a thing. But the blessing of changing your thinking to see the abundance of hope-filled possibilities is priceless.

This inspirational book offers wisdom from the ages to shift your perspective so you can enjoy your life as it is—even as you develop awareness of simple but meaningful changes you can make to add to your sense of joy. 


Author Bio

Nathalie Ouederni is a French illustrator and designer based in Barcelona whose work mainly focuses on pattern and surface design, wildlife illustration, map illustration, and hand lettering. When she is not illustrating for magazines, packagings, or branding projects, she can be found painting for her small collection of products for her online shop, including calendars, prints, notebooks, and pouches.

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