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NEW Edible Drink and Food Glitter! Add some sparkle and fun to your drinks! Our colored are fine ultra mica with 7 beautiful colors to add to champagne, cocktails and more! A little goes a long ways! Our 5gram gars will make 50+ servings or more!

Add some sparkle to your drinks! MyDrinkBomb Edible Glitter ™️ has now cocktail glitter for cocktails available in 8 colors.

  • 5 gram
  • FDA Approved
  • VEGAN Free
  • Odorless
  • Responsibly-Sourced
  • Kosher Certified
  • Made in the USA


Shimmer Glitter Dust is Food Grade, Uses Artificial Colorant, and is Kosher Certified. We use ONLY FDA Compliant Ingredients. Ingredients: Mica-Based Pearlescent Pigments, Titanium Dioxide.

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