Groove Life Silicone Rings



      Alaska and wedding rings. These two things probably don't
      always go together, especially to form a company, but for 
      Groove it did.

      Their founder, Peter Goodwin, needed a wedding band that
      was on par with his other adventure/work gear. Groove
      Ring was first thought of on the banks of the famous
      Moraine Creek in Katmai National Park.

      While raising four young kids, building an adventure lodge,
      and running his guiding business, Peter worked nights for
      eight months perfecting the Groove Ring design. His focus?

      Finding the best materials and developing functional
      designs with an unlimited warranty.

      Groove Ring was kickstarted in December 2015 and has
      grown to be the industry leader for active, adventurous
      people needing high quality products that match their

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